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Pre-commercial procurement invitation update


AEDIB|NET Pre-Commercial Procurement Invitation has received 70 proposals from 22 African countries

The AEDIB|NET call for the first pre-commercial procurement invitation for African digital innovation hubs has been completed on 8 Feb 2022. We have received 70 proposals from 22 African countries, distributed over four technological areas of specialisation and covering altogether the 5 African regions.

We were looking for groups of organisations: 

  • willing to work closely together to facilitate the creation of the Digital Innovation Hubs in their respective regions. 
  • with complementary expertise and a public-benefit objective.
  • willing to offer a set of services to companies to support their digital transformation and innovation as a regional one-stop-shop
  • that can offer expertise in either one of the relevant topics.

12 digital innovation hubs focusing on Digital Trade, Clean Tech, Smart Agriculture, and Smart Cities will be selected and announced very soon.

AEDIB|NET will provide them support that will include, but is not limited to:

  • Up to 70k € per DIH for setting up costs, for three selected DIHs
  • Access to a DIH creation training programme
  • Access to a virtual marketplace, networking with DHIs and investors
  • Cover travel costs according to programme rule
  • Opportunity to explore collaborations with European DIHs
  • Expert support