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AEDIB|NET Project Launches

AEDIB|NET Project Launches. © GIZ/Ostermeier

Collaboration of Digital Innovation Hubs across Africa and Europe aim to enable technology innovation and cross-continental exchange

The cooperation between Africa and Europe continues to strengthen at various levels. Under European Funding Programme Horizon 2020, the AEDIB|NET project has been launched with the objective to bridging digital innovation ecosystems across Africa and Europe.

The AEDIB|NET project is the first step of a broader approach for the African–European collaboration on digitalisation and innovation. The project being launched under the broader political initiative AEDIB. Initiated by EU Member States (France, Belgium, and Germany) and the European Commission to the EC’s Digital 4 Development process (D4D).

AEDIB|NET aims to build on the experience of the EU DIHs and adjust the approach to the African context to facilitate synergies and collaboration potential. This includes establishing DIHs addressing the topics Climate Smart Agriculture, Smart Cities and Digital Trade. In addition, it involves developing and strengthening key infrastructures such as a Pan-African network of DIHs, building strategic cooperation mechanisms, and promoting bridging activities between African and European innovators and start-ups, private sector actors, academia, local governments, and investors. Furthermore, AEDIB|NET will foster the development of an enabling environment reinforced by conducive local policies.

The AEDIB|NET Project is implemented by 13 partners from African and European countries consisting of SME & intermediary support, Investor networks and Policy actors & Think Tanks that are tapping synergies of Team Europe & innovation ecosystem experts from Africa and Europe.