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AEDIB|NET building bridges of digital innovation between Africa & Europe


AEDIB|NET building bridges of digital innovation between Africa and Europe

Covering everything from smart health and fintech services to food tech, ed tech and sustainable energy, EU and African startups, SMEs and companies are collaborating to scale up and find solutions to shared challenges by bringing their smart solutions to be incubated, accelerated and scaled up via partnerships across the Mediterranean Sea. Together, they are tackling global health emergencies – such as the Covid-19 pandemic – and climate change, issues that hit Africa hardest but transcend borders and countries.

Digital innovation sparks new opportunities for sustainable development, new jobs, more inclusive processes, and improved living standards. The African European Digital Innovation Bridge (AEDIB) Initiative has the vision to create a single market for digital innovation in Africa and Europe. It takes up this potential in a concerted, human-centric way by strengthening digital and innovation ecosystems in Africa and promoting intercontinental cooperation between stakeholders in Africa and Europe.

Under the AEDIB initiative, the African European Digital Innovation Bridge Network (AEDIB|NET) project aims at creating a common digital innovation ecosystem by bridging Digital Innovation Ecosystems across Africa and Europe. It is also connecting startups, SMEs, the diaspora, and other African and European ecosystem players in trans-continental partnerships as well as facilitating intercontinental collaboration.

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