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AEDIB|NET Highlights at ADICOM Days 2023


Celebrating African Digital Creativity and Entrepreneurship

Paris, 10.11.2023 – The 2023 edition of the prestigious Africa Digital Community Days (ADICOM Days) in Paris was a landmark event for AEDIB|NET, showcasing the burgeoning landscape of African digital creativity and entrepreneurship.

Organised by the renowned digital communication group Totem Experience, this year’s ADICOM Days marked its 7th edition, surpassing previous records with over 3,000 attendees, including 100 distinguished speakers and more than 1,000 influencers from across the globe.

AEDIB@NET, a leading player in the digital arena, had the distinct honour of presenting the Business category award at the celebrated ADICOM Awards. This year’s recipient was Maeva, the visionary behind @monbudgetbento, who has been instrumental in demonstrating the power of digital innovation in the business sector.

The event was a vibrant hub for networking, learning, and sharing, focusing on the challenges and opportunities in the digital landscape. Keynote speeches, panel discussions, and workshops provided attendees with valuable insights into the latest trends and strategies in digital communication.

One of the most anticipated parts of ADICOM Days was the presentation of the ADICOM Awards, which recognised outstanding content creators in various categories. AEDIB|NET’s role in presenting the Business category award highlighted our commitment to supporting and celebrating excellence in digital entrepreneurship.

As we reflect on the success of ADICOM Days 2023, AEDIB|NET remains dedicated to fostering growth and innovation in the digital sector. We believe that events like these are crucial in connecting talents, sharing knowledge, and building a stronger, more dynamic African digital community.

Looking ahead, AEDIB|NET is excited to continue playing a pivotal role in this vibrant ecosystem, and we eagerly anticipate the next edition of ADICOM Days.